“Celebrating 5 years of Social Impact & Innovation for Sustainable Waste Management”

Vadakara Municipality

The scenario

Vadakara Municipality is known for it’s commendable system of waste manage-ment. With a population of 80,356 individu-als, this district in Kozhikode is a role model to all others. The SHG of Vadakara Municipality assigned with the task of waste management carries out door to door collection services and these collected wastes were segregated and handed over to individuals and other local buyers. It was almost an impeccable system.

The issue

But there was one huge problem with their system of waste management. Once the wastes were handed over to the local buyer, what happens next to these aggregate waste was neither scientific nor legal. Not only were the non recyclables such the MLPs (Multi-Layer Plastics) disposed of illegally, these buyers had to be paid in return for taking care of it so. This also meant that the waste management system of Vadakara Municipality had no means of generating an income on its own..

The savior

Green Worms was able to help out Vadakara Municipality in finding a total solution for all it’s problems. As our tie ups with authentic recyclers and co-processing units reach far and wide, we were easily able to accept the non recyclable rejected wasted, while providing it’s scientific disposal as guarantee. With the help of Green Worms, MLPs and it’s responsible disposal also became no longer an issue. The solutions
In addition to all of this, where once they had to pay to get rid of the MLPs, we are in fact now paying them INR 2 per kg for all the MLP wastes we collect from them. Thus instead of loosing money in the process of waste management, we have enabled them to establish a system to gener-ate an income of it’s own through the same means while also providing a much more sustainable solution at the same time. When the system began to generate an income of it’s own, it also paved way for a better income for the staff.
To make the system decentralized and ensure efficient functioning, the staff employed are the key. Green Worms provid-ed training to the members of the SHG in order to help enhance their skills and boost their morale and organized awareness campaigns in the Municipality to ensure the involvement of individuals as well.

And now

This decentralized system of waste management in Vadakara Municipality is now functioning in perfect harmony. The extended support that Green Worms has been able to provide has benefitted the Municipality to such an extent that it now provides waste management consultation services to other ULBs, with Green Worms as it’s ally. With the help of Green Worms, Vadakara Municipality was finally able to achieve a flawless system of waste manage-ment and due to this very reason the Munic-ipality has been awarded the title of ‘Clean City’ for the past few years in a row.

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