“Celebrating 5 years of Social Impact & Innovation for Sustainable Waste Management”

Thrikkalangodu Grama Panchayat

The past

Falling under the district of Malap-puram, Thrikkalangodu Grama Panchayat is home to a population of 52,090 individu-als and consists of 10,415 households. For years at a stretch there had been no system in place to take care of the waste manage-ment of the Panchayat. There were no work-ers employed to carry out door to door collection or to dispose of the waste gener-ated. This lead the localites to resort to their own ways to get rid of the waste. People began to dump wastes in water bodies, dump yards and even in streets. The only waste disposal that used to happen waswhen a few ragpickers would visit to collect the recyclables from the large piles of waste that was scattered around the dump yards of the Municipality.

Solving the Problem

When the Municipality decided to take initiative in dealing with this problem, Green Worms stood by it’s side to provide it’s assistance.
Green Worms took charge to collect all the non recyclable rejected wastes as well as MLPs (Multi Layer Plastics) from the municipality. With the help of our tie-up with authorized recyclers and co-process-ing units, we are able to scienti�ically dispose of these collected wastes.
Besides taking care of the reject wastes, Green Worms also provided special training on waste management to the staff employed by the Municipality. We also took a step further to raise awareness among the general public with regard to responsible and healthy waste management habits. This in return helped in dignifying the labor of employed workers and in segrega-tion of wastes at the source level. Aware-ness on waste management becomes especially important in maintaining a circu-lar economy. Today with the combined efforts of the Grama Panchayat and Green Worms the situation of waste management in Thrikkalangodu Grama Panchayat is of least concern.

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