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“Celebrating 5 years of Social Impact & Innovation for Sustainable Waste Management”

The increasing plastic pollution is a growing threat to the marine life as well as to the coastal communities. The Project REPOR launched by Green Worms was born out of the need to address this particular issue. Project RePOR specializes in recovering plastics from coastal regions and oceans to mitigate Oceanic Plastic Pollution. RePOR stands for Recovering Plastics to Restore Oceans. Through Project RePRO, we also aim to create livelihood opportunities for the local communities in coastal regions while directing the efforts to tackle plastic pollution.

    Key Objectives

  • Implement Sustainable Waste Management Practices
  • Undertake IEC Activities
  • Recovery of Ocean bound Plastics & Oceanic Plastics
  • Ensure Recycling or Co-processing of the Recovered Waste
  • Create Dignified Jobs & Livelihood opportunities for coastal communities
  • Engaging with Brands for Funding & Usage of Recycled Plastics

    How We Work

  • Partnership with Local Administration in a Coastal region
  • Provide dignified jobs for local Women & Fishing Community
  • Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Programs
  • Recover Plastic Waste from Households, sea shore & Seas/Oceans
  • Setup & Operational of Material Recovery Facility
  • Waste Segregation, Processing & forward linking
  • Ensure the is Recycling or Co-processed
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