“Celebrating 5 years of Social Impact & Innovation for Sustainable Waste Management”

Pulpatta Grama Panchayat

Introduction With a Look into The Past.

The village of Pulpetta lies in the district of Malappuram in Kerala. Bearing a population of 49,596 individuals, the condition of waste management in this village was of huge concern.
Not only were there no system of waste collection in existence, but even the occupation was considered to be vile and frowned upon. This lead to a very poor situation of management of waste within the village. As there were no work force employed to collect the waste, people began to resort to dumping it in wherever they could. Soon the water bodies and backyards in the area turned into mass dump sites.

The Part Where We Come In

Such was the state of the village before Green Worms came in. As soon as we did, we went forward in signing up a contract with the village panchayats to set up dry waste recovery systems. Upon its completion, we were able to establish an eco friendly mechanism of dry waste collec-tion, transportation, segregation and disposal.

The Step of Solution

We employed 26 women handheld them and provided them with the adequate training for both collection as well as management of the MRF. We also gave them assurance of buyback of all the recyclables with the best market price, thus boosting their commitment and zeal.
These women work for 26 days a month including the day they go for collection from door to door. A user fee of rs.50 is remitted from each house, thereby enabling the SHG to earn a revenue of rs.47,600 every month.
Upon the intervention of Green Worms, the village of Pulpetta is now equipped with a 1500sqft. Infrastructure and a collection vehicle. A qualitative analy-sis of the waste produced in the village reports 41% of recyclables and 59% of non recyclables. This enhanced segregate bring about a revenue of Rs.54,942 along with the additional revenue obtained out of the user fee. Due to this inflow of the revenues combined, this SHG is now self sufficient to process the 900 kg of waste generated per day in the village.

And Now

Today under the guidance provided by Green Worms this 27 member SHG manag-es the waste management of the whole village of Pulpetta on their own. These women who were previously unemployed and struggling to make ends meet, are now able to receive an income of rs.6000 per month while also being able to proudly claim their occupation with dignity and respect. With their tireless efforts around 1000 kgs of dry wastes are recovered each day, slowly curbing the pollution in the village. With these determined and confi-dent Waste Warriors on the move, Pulpetta sure has a brighter and cleaner future ahead.

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