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“Celebrating 5 years of Social Impact & Innovation for Sustainable Waste Management”

Your Partners in achieving Sustainability for
Municipal Solid Waste Management

The ULBs and LSGs play a very important role in managing the Municipal Solid Waste. We work with ULBs and LSGs to develop an efficient Waste Management System. The services we provide various are as follows

Our Offerings

Waste Audit & Consulting

Green Worms provides consultation to ULB/LSG on Waste Management. Based on the Audit, we also provide a framework for the scope of Improvement.

Capacity Building

Green Worms provides various Capacity Building programs for the Municipalities/Grama panchayat staff on end to end Waste Management.

Managing MCF/MRF

Green Worms manages a multitude of Material Collection Facilities(MCF) or Material Recovery Facilities(MRF) in various Municipalities and Grama panchayats. Our rate of Waste Recovery is 90%.

Waste Disposal

Green Worms provides Waste Disposal services to ULBs and LSGs. We collect wastes and dispose of them as per the scientific standards. We are also specialized in the disposal of negative value waste subsequently diverting it from entering dumpsites or landfills

Technology & Infrastructure

Green Worms supports Municipalities and Grama panchayats on adaptation of modern Infrastructure and technology required for increasing the efficiency and automation of Waste Management.

What do our Customers say?

  • The Municipal Solid Waste Management by our Kunnakulam municipality is a model for every other municipalities in Kerala. The major credit goes to Green worms and it’s Green worms’ army who have been doing the job of segregation and other related job beautifully at the time of COVID-19. This is an achievement that we are all proud of.

    Seetha Ravindran

    Chairperson, Kunnamkulam Municipality

  • Our panchayat had planned on for an entire waste management cleaning project for this one year. Under this movement we have come to Partnership. Truly Green worms have been the biggest motivation for us for starting various movements in this difficult situation in having a good waste management facility and also in rejuvenating our environment. I thank them on behalf of every person of this panchayat.

    K S Muhammed 

    Varappuzha Panchayat president

  • The plastic waste that was collected from various location of Kunnamkulam needed a scientific solution for its safe disposal. The solution was ultimately given by Green Worms. The model that they put forward is something that is useful for every other municipalities. The attractive factor of Green Worms was the way in which they made use of the plastic waste.

    KK Manoj

    Secretary, Kunnamkulam municipality

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