“Celebrating 5 years of Social Impact & Innovation for Sustainable Waste Management”

Kunnamkulam Municipality

The Early Scenario

Kunnamkulam Municipality belongs to Thrissur District of Kerala. With 37 wards, it houses a population of 54,071. It is occupied with 13,156 households. Kunnamkulam Municipality, like many others have been struggling with the disposal of the wastes generated by it’s population. The problem even worsened due to the outlook of people towards waste management as an undignified labor. As there were no service available to take care of the waste produced in the municipality, people resorted to discarding wastes in water bodies and dumping yards thus polluting the environment and leaving those living in the vicinity vulnerable to diseases.

Green Worms Steps In

Green Worms took it’s first step in Kunnamkulam by signing a contract with the Municipality to construct a dry waste recovery system. In order to ensure that this system is made operational to it’s full capacity, we employed a 58 member SHG, introduced collection and transportation services. These employed women were also handheld and trained specially for improved collection and to equip them to be able to manage the MRF on their own

The Solutions

Besides setting up of all the necessary infrastructure for waste management of the Municipality, including the required machinery, Green Worms also made sure to enable this system to become self sufficient. The total revenue generated from monthly user fee and by means of sale of recyclables are sufficient to serve this purpose. We also gave them a guarantee of assured buy back of all the recyclables with the best market price. Through the income so earned, the employed staff of the SHG who work 26 days a month, are provided with an pay of Rs.9000 per month.

And Now

After the intervention of Green Worms, the 2000kg waste generated by the Municipality everyday which used to end up in the water bodies and dump yards are now segregated and disposed with due care. These wastes now helps in providing an income to 58 women. With the awareness programs conducted by Green Worms, waste management is now a dignified labor. Kunnamkulam Municipality is now self sufficient in taking care of all the waste generated by it’s population.

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