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Green Worms was founded on three key principles, Minimize the waste generation, Divert the waste from landfills & Oceans and to dignify people working with waste. The journey that lead to founding of Green Worms is exciting. Its journey was very humble, with no prior knowledge or experience two young people in a very remote village in Kerala set out on a journey to learn about waste management from its very grassroots level. Eventually this lead them to build a sustainable waste management initiative to contribute their bit to see a better world around them.

Jabir Karat
(Founder & CEO)


Green Worms is contributing
towards achieving United Nations
Sustainable Development

SDG 1 - No Poverty

Green Worms is creating dignified Jobs and Entrepreneurs in the Waste Management Sector. Through every new project and solutions we implement, we are able to employ more people. We believe that this helps us in contributing to eradicating poverty.

SDG 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities

Green Worms provides consultation to Urban Local bodies on effective Waste management and ethical procurement of recyclables as well as non-recyclables waste for effective recycling and co-processing.

SDG 13 - Climate Action

Green Worms’ Climate Action focused initiatives like Plastic & Carbon offset programs are integrated with our other Waste Management Projects

SDG 14 - Life Below Water

Green Worms have been playing a dynamic role in the mitigation of oceanic plastic wastes by means of recovering plastics from the oceans on a large scale. Our projects targeting especially the coastal regions ensure the same.

SDG 12 - Responsible Consumption & Production

Through the Co-create Circular Labs under the R&D department of Green Worms, we are developing circular models to engage Brands to adopt and implement innovative technologies and practices collectively.

What do our Customers say?

  • The Municipal Solid Waste Management by our Kunnakulam municipality is a model for every other municipalities in Kerala. The major credit goes to Green worms and it’s Green worms’ army who have been doing the job of segregation and other related job beautifully at the time of COVID-19. This is an achievement that we are all proud of.

    Seetha Ravindran

    Chairperson, Kunnamkulam Municipality

  • Our panchayat had planned on for an entire waste management cleaning project for this one year. Under this movement we have come to Partnership. Truly Green worms have been the biggest motivation for us for starting various movements in this difficult situation in having a good waste management facility and also in rejuvenating our environment. I thank them on behalf of every person of this panchayat.

    K S Muhammed 

    Varappuzha Panchayat president

  • The plastic waste that was collected from various location of Kunnamkulam needed a scientific solution for its safe disposal. The solution was ultimately given by Green Worms. The model that they put forward is something that is useful for every other municipalities. The attractive factor of Green Worms was the way in which they made use of the plastic waste.

    KK Manoj

    Secretary, Kunnamkulam municipality

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Green Worms works with Brands & MNCs to contribute to the improvement of the Waste Management sector. We curate, implement and demonstrate various programs aligned with the Clients Missions & Strategic.

Kunnamkulam Municipality

The Early Scenario
Kunnamkulam Municipality belongs to Thrissur District of Kerala. With 37 wards, it houses a population of 54,071. It is occupied with 13,156 households. Kunnamkulam Municipality, like many others have been struggling with the disposal of the wastes generated by it’s population.

Mattannur Municipality

The past scenario
We conduct awareness & capacity building programs on behalf of use Awareness & Capacity Building on Waste Management & Plastic Pollution in Schools, colleges, Companies & Public Spaces.

Pulpatta Grama Panchayat

Introduction With a Look into The Past.The village of Pulpetta lies in the district of Malappuram in Kerala. Bearing a population of 49,596 individuals, the condition of waste management in this village was of huge concern.

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